Onboarding (4)

Once you have completed your ADHD Unlocked membership purchase, your order will be checked by a member of the ADHD Unlocked team and processed. Once fully processed, the payment which was authorised at the point of checkout will be debited from your chosen payment method. This action triggers several automated steps to:

1) create a membership account on our website allowing you to edit your subscription, renewal and payment information;
2) add you to our mailing list so that you receive updates about your membership and our daily messages;
3) send you a “Welcome” email with a link to the Private Members Facebook group, our Terms & Conditions, and including a short message from Steph and Michelle;
4) automatically register your email account for our online Zoom sessions.

Orders are processed a few times per day so you should receive your welcome pack from us within 24 hours. However, never fear, if something goes awry then it can be easily fixed. Simply email and someone will get back to you within a few hours, hopefully having already sorted your issue.

Unfortunately, one of our founders, Michelle, forgot to take her ADHD meds one day for a live session. In discussing how ADHDers are often entrepreneurial and get ‘swept up’ with an idea –she randomly mentioned something from the top of her head about ‘buying an otter farm’ as an example. The community have since encouraged her so much with this ridiculous idea that she has re-mortgaged her house to buy one. Little do they know that they are all down to do shifts when it opens…

Certainly NOT.

The information delivered by your guides and mentors in the ADHD Unlocked Membership Community (“ADHD Unlocked”) as well as information on this website are meant to help you better understand your ADHD and identify the areas in your life and in your thinking that may be standing in your way.

However, the services provided by ADHD Unlocked do not constitute professional mental health care or medical care. It is no substitute for the advice, diagnosis and treatment by your psychiatrist, qualified therapist or other professional healthcare provider.

If you feel mentally unwell to the point that you are unable to function and/or feel that you are at risk, please seek help from your local A&E department, your psychiatrist and/or qualified therapist.

Technical (1)

Once your membership subscription has been processed, your email address will automatically be registered for our online sessions. These are typically provided via a Zoom live webinar or meeting. We understand members will not be able to attend every session, so each webinar/meeting is recorded and uploaded to our Private Members Facebook Group, within approximately 24 hours. Upon initial registration you should automatically receive:

1) A Zoom webinar email confirmation for each webinar or meeting to which you have been registered, including:
a) Monday Lunchtime Webinar (each Monday 12.30 – 1.15pm )
b) Daily Nudge (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 12.30 – 12.45pm)
c) Mid-Week Maintenance (Wednesdays 8.00 – 8.45pm)
d) Bi-monthly “Smash It” Sessions (times will vary between Sundays and Monday evenings)

2) The Zoom confirmation contains a hyperlink to the Calendar invitation which must be clicked to add the recurring appointment to your calendar.

3) For your privacy, each Zoom webinar invite includes a private hyperlink (with embedded password) unique to each member. Alternatively, Members may choose to log in with the Zoom Webinar/Meeting ID and Password. Session ID’s and Passwords are contained within BOTH the registration confirmation and the webinar invitation.

4) Members do NOT need to log into Zoom with an authenticated Zoom user account. The Meeting ID and Password is sufficient and hosts will be moderating the list of attendees to ensure ONLY members are able to participate.

5) If you are having technical issues joining via computer audio, feel free to dial in via the Zoom Phone Dial-In details which include a discrete numerical Dial-In password.

6) Once you have followed the link to the Facebook Group, you need to submit a request to be admitted. This should usually be approved within just a few hours.

IMPORTANT: Please email if you are having any technical issues, ensuring you have first carefully reviewed these FAQ’s. Our Members Facebook Group is not the right forum to report or respond to technical issues, which are best managed by the technical brains in our IT Support team. IT issues can be stressful, so please note, any posts reporting technical issues in the Facebook Group will be moderated.

Termination (1)

If you have subscribed on a monthly (or annual) basis, you may cancel your membership by giving at least one week’s notice of termination to ADHD Unlocked prior to the commencement of the next month of your subscription (or prior to the commencement of the next year, in the case of an Annual membership), by emailing You will not be obliged to make any further monthly/annual payments following termination of your membership.

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