04. Is it a problem if I can’t make every session?

Not at all. Any live discussions we run are there for when a topic is particularly relevant to you and your ADHD, or you simply need a boost from the community and want to connect to others with similar traits. There’s no “catching up” required although ALL previous sessions will be available to watch later if you fancy it, as many times as you like, and the entire library of our broadcasts will be organised by the topics that affect ADHDers.

Although we’re live every weekday to try to keep you connected and on track, we don’t expect members to drop in every weekday and at the times specified. We appreciate that for many members, the frequency and time of sessions will just not be feasible. That said, some of our members really benefit from the daily engagement and the 15 minutes they spend in the community is key to them getting in the right head space to get in front of the day and their ADHD.