06. Is Membership a replacement for therapy, Qualified medical advice from a GP, or support from a legal professional?

Certainly NOT.

The information delivered by your guides and mentors in the ADHD Unlocked Membership Community (“ADHD Unlocked”) as well as information on this website https://www.adhdunlocked.co.uk are meant to help you better understand your ADHD and identify the areas in your life and in your thinking that may be standing in your way.

However, the services provided by ADHD Unlocked do not constitute professional mental health care or medical care. It is no substitute for the advice, diagnosis and treatment by your psychiatrist, qualified therapist or other professional healthcare provider.

If you feel mentally unwell to the point that you are unable to function and/or feel that you are at risk, please seek help from your local A&E department, your psychiatrist and/or qualified therapist.