05. Do I need to have a formal diagnosis of ADHD?

Nope. Some of our members are not really interested in being labelled but are keen to tackle traits they recognise in themselves which, whilst sometimes associated with ADHD, are by no means exclusive to it. Indeed, nearly all of the juicy good stuff we’ll show you helps anyone experiencing impulsivity, inattention, challenges around time, relationships and overwhelm and even (gasp!) the neurotypical amongst us.

There are other members of ours that want a formal diagnosis of ADHD but are still on the waiting list. We understand the challenges of getting a diagnosis of ADHD in this country. The wait-list can be years and many ADHDers are left to deal with their ADHD with absolutely no information or support. The consequences of this can be fatal.
At ADHD Unlocked we believe in:

“No ADHDer left behind…” At least not on our watch ?