10. Am I expected to show my face or speak if I’m NOT feeling up to it for the sessions?

Definitely not. You can tune in without comment or engagement and due to the style of delivery you don’t need to show your face or even let people know you are there. Again, there’s no pressure!

Our Wednesday evening meetings are designed as more of a collaborative chat, but even then, if you’re feeling shy or simply having a bad hair day you can turn off your video/audio, and simply spectate. Don’t worry about offending anyone, we “get it”.

The smash it procrastination buster sessions will likely help you get those tedious tasks done that have been hanging over your head – whether doing your taxes, tidying your knicker drawer or working on your “guns” (perhaps audio only – unless you like to overshare). You can be on or off camera. Again there is no pressure – just shout when you’re done.