Are ADHD Brains Better Suited to Home Working?

ADHD Brain

Based on what you read in the news and on social media, you wouldn’t think so… Sure, there may be some pitfalls that us ADHDers inevitably fall into when we are working and learning from home, but here at ADHD Unlocked, we choose to focus on the benefits.

Our ADHD brains are suited to working and learning from home and overall it tends to be good for our mental and physical wellbeing:

We can choose the when – we can choose our own schedule tailored to when we work and learn best and break it up in the way in which we can focus best.

We can choose the where – we aren’t restricted to working in the prescribed way which is usually at our desks which can on our beds, in the kitchen standing at the bench, outside in the garden – we don’t have to sit still (or in a chair for that matter).

We can choose the how – immersing ourselves in the world of our learning topics, listening to music/white noise, watching videos and listening to audible texts and books rather than reading, creating mind maps and flow charts instead of copying down points, buddying up with friends and co-workers virtually revising and working together debating topics/action points.

We can choose the what – we can choose (within limits depending on what your work/university as assigned to you) what to focus on and follow our interests. Authentic interest is what fuels the ADHD brain so even if you don’t have the luxury to focus on what you are interested in, dip into your area of interest periodically during the day to get some momentum (warning – do no fall down the rabbit hole!)

We have less to distract us – due to not being able to go out and see friends there are less distractions/less opportunities to get way laid so we can narrow our focus

We have more time to pause and reflect– by not having to travel to and from our place of work/study frees up time for us to pause and reflect on ourselves, our actions, what we have achieved and what we want to do differently. We have space to set out intentions….

ADHDers tend to do better in a crisis – the pandemic has made many of us more switched on and given us more opportunities to think about other people and contribute in a meaningful way. It’s the perfect way to defeat rumination – when the situation calls for it, us ADHDers

We can achieve a better work/life balance – we have more flexibility to go to the gym, or a run, take the dog for a walk, or cycle with the kids… perhaps even do a few push ups in between emails 😉

We can spend more quality time with our family – without feeling the pressure of getting the work done we are free and sometimes forced (by virtue of not having any babysitters) to spend more time with the kids – time that we will always treasure and that our children will treasure

We have more time to pursue our hobbies – we now have the opportunity to do those things that we have always wanted to do – like read that book, do that meditation course

We can be timely for once and show up consistently – we don’t need to travel to work/appointments/classes and are actually more likely to make these things on time and actually do them because its more accessible/easy (less steps to navigate!)

We can productively procrastinate – instead of just procrastinating at work we can do so with laundry, cleaning out our closets (anything than get that report done right?!) ADHDers tend to only be able to do the things they have been putting off when they are avoiding something worse or left with no choice. The latter provided this to ADHDers.

Now is the time to get all those things done that you have been putting off including sorting out your home (its not like you can escape it!). 

Now go sort those sock drawers!!!