Unlock your Potential

“ADHD is not a disorder of not knowing what to do, but of not doing what you know”

– Dr Russell Barkley –
ADHD Support

Why ADHD Unlocked?

As an adult with ADHD, you know all too well the pain from years of not fulfilling the potential you KNOW is inside you.

That it often seems like one step forward, and two steps back, no matter how hard you try.

The hurt from the impact that this has had on your career, your relationships, your mental and physical health, runs deep.

You may have a shelf full of self-help books, and a coach to help you understand and set your goals. But still, there’s just something missing to unlock the  person you know you can be.

ADHD Needs a New Strategy...

The ADHD Unlocked membership is a unique programme of support. This is a truly different strategy, specifically tailored to your ADHD. 

We help you better understand your ADHD brain, and identify how it may be getting in the way of achieving what you want in life and becoming your best self. 

Expert guidance

Your guides and mentors will give you the latest information, insights and strategies to help you manage your ADHD challenges and harness your unique gifts.


Be part of a strong, compassionate community of fellow ADHDers, who totally "get it"; where interests and common experiences can be shared, questions answered and support is there when you really need it.


Membership delivers structured interactions, within a safe supportive environment, designed to keep you motivated and on track to achieve more. This is the scaffolding that most ADHDers have needed and been missing their whole lives.

Are you ready to.....?

  • increase your productivity, motivation and focus?

  • achieve more in your work whilst having better relationships with loved ones?

  • improve your physical and mental well-being?

  • increase your impact on the world in the way you’ve always felt you could? 

“ADHD can make us feel alone. ADHD Unlocked made me see that this is not the case. I felt motivated and started getting structure to my days and weeks. I achieved things I did not believe was possible”
Srija, 27

You don't have to go it alone

ADHD Community

At ADHD Unlocked, we meet you wherever you are on your journey with ADHD. 

Whether only just diagnosed and beginning to understand your unique wiring, or a seasoned ADHDer, with all the strategies but struggling to do what you know…

We are your “Tribe” – a community of fellow ADHDers to hold you accountable and help you live your best life….with ADHD.

ADHD Unlocked Membership

ADHD Unlocked members get exclusive access to: 

Live Weekly Webinars with EXPERT Q&A

Start the week off on the right foot by joining us for our LIVE Monday Lunchtime Webinars which will be themed around a different aspect of your ADHD each week. Your guides and mentors will give you the latest information, insights and strategies to help you manage your ADHD challenges and harness your unique gifts.

ADHD Unlocked Private Members Group

Continue the conversation, seek support and provide feedback from your fellow ADHDers in your exclusive ADHD Unlocked Private Members Group. This is your community online. Find your own accountability buddy and don’t forget to celebrate and share your wins.


Tune in to our LIVE Lunchtime “Nudge” sessions lead by your guides and mentors to get you in the right headspace and keep you moving in the right direction. The ADHD Unlocked Community’s check in sessions.

EMAIL MOTivation & Planning

Direct to your inbox, we send you tips, hints and motivation to keep you going throughout the week.

mid-week Maintenance EVENING MEETING

Grab a coffee for your Mid-Week Maintenance. Giving you a much needed pause to take stock and get re-energised and back on track. A chance to interact and talk about the challenges you’re facing and celebrate successes with your community, supported by your guides and mentors.

Weekly "smash it" sessions

Bust your procrastination! Alternating between Tuesday lunchtime and Tuesday evening sessions, we dare you to commit to a task and do it online with us all at the same time. The time pressure and camaraderie will "smash" through your to-do list in no time at all!

Resource library on our members portal

Exclusive access for members only to our Resource Library, where you can catch up on any sessions you’ve missed or keep the lessons you’ve learned fresh in your mind. Useful support materials will be made available here for you to download.


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